For two days I have been unable to shake this song. It is sounds like the breeze and the sun flowing through my San Francisco windows at once beautiful and forlorn. Sunshine, Breeze and Drought. Warm days daring you to leave home with bare arms and no hoodie vanishing without warning into the chill of night when the sun goes down…and there you are stupid in the arms of your faith in the warmth of Spring surrounded by empty bottles on the park lawn wasted and searching for home.

Okay, that is a little melodramatic. But so is Spring.

Nathan East – this version blew in from heaven.

Blind Faith

Tommy Shaw

Bonnie Rait

Joe Cocker

Yvonne Elliman


In San Francisco fall shows up with crisp clear light, blue skies and warm sunshine filled short Indian Summer days that abruptly close into cool long nights. On the most perfect of these days I like to belt out songs that smell like piles of fallen leaves. Today the crisp clear blueness of the sky has led me to some bluesy rocky ballads that need to be played loud. Really loud. But, being the Libra that I am – and the fact that is Libra season…I had to balance out the ballad and the old with some sweet new rhythms that taste like the promise of a perfect apple.

These are today’s.

Motorhead 1916

Nazareth – Vigilante Man (original by Woody Guthrie)

LATYRX (Lyrics Born + Lateef) “Exclamation Point” ft Forrest Day

As a child I would crawl under the table and hide scared of big Snuffy with his long eyelashes and wobbly gate. I always liked him, but I was so AFeaRed. But, now Snuffy seems to have fallen on hard times. So I have checked my fear at the door and offer him my love.


When I saw Snuffy today I started humming Lee Hazlewood’s A house Safe for Tigers, so I share it with you
May your house be safe from tigers, may you always be my friend…

I have grown obsessed with this Album – Marty Robbins: Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs – If you have not heard it, please go listen to the whole thing. And make sure you sing a long.


I think were I to run a dating game for my heart I would have the contest be to sing this song…the winner would most definitely win my heart.

Marty Robbins – Big Iron

Then, we go off and dance our outlaw balladeer hearts out to this:
Jessie Ware – What You Won’t Do For Love (Shouts! Rework)


Today is a celebration of a genre of song I like to call:
Sing-A-Long Sunshine roll the windows down and get goosebumps as the sun goes down

The sun on this dawn of daylight savings time is so bright and clear over this City by The Bay. The haze is making my eyes ache and my heart burst. This is just the best sunshine sad song I have heard in ages. Well, SOHN is really just a master of just such things. Minimal smooth warming sadness like a walk alone on a beach where the sun is almost warm enough and the sand cool.

SOHN – Bloodflows

Go here and listen to more by SOHN

Lee Hazlewood seems to find a way into whatever genre I am feeling..
I was looking for directions to my son’s Rugby practice on my really smart phone. We were leaving our sunny, flat and nearly warm homeland of La Mission for the more outer reaches of San Francisco close to the border with this place called Daly City where the wind roars and the fog eats the last rays of the sun. Instead of giving me directions to the field my phone played Lee Hazlewood songs…and I could not make the phone stop playing them. My phone is smart finally she gave us directions while she sang:

Sleep in the grass

And, last this sunshine with its warm and cool rays has got me floating away where only Air Supply can soar … roll down the windows sing loud and drive or sail away. LISTEN and SING!


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Sun’s out today bringing January to a close.

Hecka hella high handstand.
Wang Chung all the way.

The original live. that’s alittle hot sawce on a thursday.

Need Your Loving

From EFUNK: The Remixes
Released June 2012 on Wolf + Lamb Records

Baby D – I Need Your Loving

Trouble is

January 11, 2013

I just ate Lee Hazlewood for breakfast in a bowl of mac and cheese and washed it down with Bill Monroe and Doc Watson in my tea.
Good Lord.
I have spent this morning sipping tea and listening to masters of the sad song.

As the owner of a melancholic happy heart that pushes my eyes to tear up anytime something vaguely resembling an act of humanness occurs. I love sad songs they connect us to each others love, troubles and humor, they humble us and hold us and remind us that even when the shit is ugly there is beauty and hope enough to sing and cry.

There are sad songs. There are sad voices. Then there is melancholic love of the heart so big that macaroni and cheese for breakfast doesn’t even come close to its comfort.
And I don’t have enough love in my heart to love this man or this song enough.

Lee Hazlewood – Trouble is a Lonesome Town
This song is perfect.

Bill Monroe and Doc Watson – What Would You Give in Exchange For Your Soul
This version of this song is something so special.


I love rain. Especially when it hits the windows and the wind blows the chimes.
That is weather love.

Karel Gott – “Rot und schwarz” (Paint it Black, 1969) Rolling Stones

BELI3VER – Soul Soother Vol. II
easy easy moody moody rainy soul soothing mix

oh more…
this man has stoled my rain drenched heart.
Karel Gott


the repetitive song disorder part
The Avengers

Patti Smith


the big door prize.

November 25, 2012

Been wandering in San Francisco’s late November sunshine feeling a little cold in its rays, but bathed in the beauty of its light. This town.

Sounds like this today.
Full heart twangy, dreamy, surfy.

Is love.
In Spite of Ourselves. – John Prine and Iris Dement

Marry The Sea – Imaginary Cities

Call Me In The Day – La Luz


some mighty OV Wright Apple Scruff edited.

ace of spades – oh oh O.V. ❤

ace of spades – oh lemmy. ❤

Latvian Blues Band. Blind, crippled & crazy



Saturday morning. The sun in making the fog glare at San Francisco this morning. The Potatoes in the oven smell like comfort heaven.

My son’s room looks like this. I am not looking. WowzaPoluzaShitStorm.

Instead the bath is run, candle lit, tea made, sage burning. blinders on for a bit….bath salts (in the bath) take me away.

Yuna covers Frank Ocean.

Steve Hillage One Two and Three xo


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